Friday, October 5, 2007

Martha's Vineyard

Wonderful weather, beautiful scenery, delicious local foods (love those "steamahs"!) and most importantly, the chance to spend three days with family up from Florida, made this past weekend, a perfect Autumn long weekend!

We took the ferry over- the girls LOVED that!

Meandered through an old graveyard,
wondering what the deceased's lives might have been like,
way back when,
and lay flowers at random headstones.

We went to South Beach.

Where Mackenna bunny hopped straight into the surf!

Of course,
no trip to MV would be complete without
a visit to (and shopping spree in)

The Black Dog.

 and a steam-ahs and lob-stahs at the house.


The girls and John rode the world's oldest working carousel

(Oaks Bluff, MA)

We went sight seeing-

looking at the lighthouses,

candy colored cottages,


windsurfers...   and more.

We bought fudge and art from quaint little shops.

We took showers outside on the patio, under the stars.

We went for long walks through picturesque neighborhoods.

We laughed.

A lot.

We were sad to take the ferry home...

see you soon Grandpa and Nana.


gina said...

English it a shopping spree in a store or a shopping spree at a store? I've edited and reedited and finally just picked one- hopefully the right one, but I can't get it off my mind. Help a girl out!

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