Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's a's a plane...

" It's a robot."

A few weeks ago I gave Mackie a scrap piece of tin foil while I was cooking(making is probably a more accurate word) dinner. She asked me for scissors and glue and a piece of paper. She was quietly working at the kitchen table, so I didn't ask any questions. Finally, she showed me her creation. It was fabulously creative, especially for a 3 year old !


Jules said...

Love it! :)

But I would have guessed airplane... :)

mamabear said...

Um, okay, remember this from a mom of a horse lover,
but I think it looks like a horse, and that brown piece-it looks like reins.

gina said...

Yeah, she said that strip of construction paper is the mouth, the eyes are kind of obvious and if you look close, she rolled little pieces of tin foil into legs and glued 'em on. She's too much.

gina said...

Dawn- hey I do see the horse's head and reins!

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