Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bourne, MA

gianna and brielle
april 13, 2008


elexisb said...

LOVE your new look! Really, I LOVE it! You're not even gonna want to change it every week now.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys having spring break this week? Is that why you went to the beach?
That is a super picture. I love the dark sky.
Oh, and isn't it weird that once our girls turn 13, they suddenly don't look like little girls anymore, they look like teenagers. It's been fun to watch Gianna grow up during the past few years via this blog.


CMB said...

Love the look!!! The beach picture is sweet. I so love the beach.

gina said...

Thanks you for the compliments- Jess @ Delicious Design Studios created the design and you're right I won't be changing it for a while. :)

Dawn- They totally look like teenagers now, it's so amazing. Keeping in touch like this through blogging is definitely a gift.
Their dad actually took them last weekend, I just LOVED this pic. We are on Sping Break this week we have spent every day at birthdayparties and sleepovers(or hosting them)and today a group of us went to the zoo-pics will follow...

Chanin said...

Love your new blog design! Very cute! Love the pic also! Makes me wish I was at a beach somewhere! I LOVE the beach!

Jennie said...

What an amazing picture! The beach is soooo beautiful!

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