Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brace yourselves...

curb appeal~
Since the
I currently live in is too identifying to picture,
I got creative with this category...

My well worn loved Welcome mat:

My "front" door:

("Gianna! Put your shoes in your closet.")

[Accidently skipped (oops) junk drawer~

Which in my house is actually a junk basket.

On top of my microwave.]






(Not the comfiest chair in the house,

but by far the most used.)

favorite jewelry~

I was torn between this ring-

which I love for the meaning of it.

Once we were married ,

I stopped wearing my engagement ring

because you couldn't really see my wedding band.

(And I wanted the world to see it!)

And this ring:

My chocolate diamond ring

that I wear on my right hand.

My hubby got it for me for Christmas

becasue I didn't wear my engagement ring anymore.

Chocolate diamonds- need I say more ?!??

your best feature~

I love my husband's shoulders...



I'm torn between my eyes...

and my armband-

which since permanent, can count as a feature, right?

If you want to play along in this thing we call

"real life"



elexisb said...

You're so cute :) Love the last pic!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I love that ring! Gorgeous! Very cute blog.

Jenny Shutan said...

love the ring..i really like your blog design too!

Allison R said...

You have a great way of taking pictures! I love the pretty.

Allison R said...

You have a great way of taking pictures! I love the pretty.

Joy said...

You're so funny! I really enjoyed checking out your blog and real life!

McMommy said...

You had me at chocolate diamonds.


I'm in loveeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

You are the rocking-est. And you have a great smile too!

Great rings. Mmmm...Chocolate diamonds? Wow. That's definitely a girl's best friend.

Shannon said...

Chocolate diamonds??? Totally cool - that ring is just stunning - WOW!! And nice welcome mat too . . . and very funky armbad - it looks awesome on you!

Shaun and Holly said...

Hey we have the same desk! ;o)


Megan said...

that's a great ring! how awesome!


Joy said...

My girls ended up with hazel/brown eyes too!!! I'm hoping a little one with black hair and green eyes comes into our lives in the future!

Jen E said...

This meme was so fun - I love the pic you took showing off your eyes - oh so nifty.

Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

I LOVE that ring! Gorgeous my dear!

Morning By Morning said...

Your blog is so cute!!& Your ring is sooo beautiful!!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Chocolate diamonds... Get out!! And here I thought chocolate couldn't get any better!

Love the eyes picture! Such a creative way to present them.

I enjoyed your Real Life!


Amy said...

Is that band all the way around?? It must have hurt!!!

Thanks for sharing--so nice to meet you!

Just The Girl said...

Love the arm band - I so want one!!

Thanks for sharing....

gina said...

No the band goes mostly around- the underneath was the only part that hurt so I didn't go all the way around- you only know if I'm raising my hand. :)

Laura said...

That ring is beautiful!! LOVE IT!!

Ann(ie) said...

Okay, this is TOO fun. I'm gonna have to play along!!!! ;) But, I might skip the junk drawer photo too. I'm not sure I can even open the damn thing and it might scare off my readers. ;) Happy Weekend, girlie!!

Mandi said...

My first thought was "oh her poor butt/back sitting in that chair!" lol! I was in a folding chair for the longest time, but I upgraded to a cheap-o rollie chair, and most recently a bright green Ikea chair ;-) My butt thanked me :-)
Oh and Chocolate diamonds??? DANG! Love it!

tommie said...

I have never heard of chocolate diamonds!

Ana said...

You look entirely too young to have a 13 year. Did you find the fountain of youth and keep it from the rest of us?? lol Lookin' good Mama!

gina said...

I am too young- especially now that I am raising daughters- I tell them I was too young! I gave birth to Gianna only about 9 weeks before my 21st birthday. And I had miscarried a baby on my 20th birthday. So yeah, too young. I tell them educate yourselves and travel, travel , TRAVEL first!!

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