Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

In case you didn't know- I love my husband and think he is a terrific dad (and stepdad!) every day of the year. In honor of Father's Day though I will give him specific props for things I've overheard this past week:

  1. "Come here Mackie and I'll paint your nails."
  2. "How did you do on finals today Gianna? Did you get a chance to ask your Algebra teacher about that problem you were stuck on?"
  3. "Let me see your nails Brielle- Oh! They look good."
  4. "Shaye, come read this book to me."
  5. "Who wants to go see Kung Fu Panda on Saturday so mommy can rest?"

John- you rock! I love you and I couldn't imagine our life without you. You are an amazing dad (and stepdad)-

enjoy your day!


Stephanie said...

What a doll! That is so sweet. He sounds great :)

elexisb said...

That is so freakin cute - especially the last one! We had to go to my dad's viewing tonight (on father's day) - ugh.

elexisb said...

Ah! I meant my dad's dad - not my dad!

Anonymous said...

So Sweet!
Hope it was a lovely Fathers Day for all!

Ann(ie) said...

That sounds incredibly amazing!! wow. My very own dad (not even a stepdad) didn't put forth all that effort. That's going to mean SO much to them!!!! Hope you all had a fabulous day!

Wendy said...

Wow, he DOES rock! Hope he had a wonderful, awesome Father's Day!

Super Healthy Kids said...

You definitely got a good one! Thanks for sharing.

Jules said...

He sounds like an awesome guy!

Aren't we lucky to have fallen in love with such cute guys who just so happen to be great dads too? Who knew? ;)

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