Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh yeah, this week it's ON...

A peek into the master bedroom~

Our comfy King size pillow top bed-

Our AC and fan-

(John can't sleep with out a chilly room and white noise)

"My" bureau top-

(his HDTV, my books, mags, hat, and heart shaped collection*)


Our closet door-

"His" bureau top-


Joy said...

I know this is weird, but I love your paneled door. Those are very expensive! I have them throughout my house. Do you have a Victorian or post-Victorian home?


elexisb said...

John's got more 'junk' than you - just like it is here!

Jen E said...

Your bedspread is cute! where did you get it? I like that closet door, too - we just have junky bifolds here in la apartmente.

Morning By Morning said...

Your bed looks SOOO comfortable!!!

tommie said...

I am always on the hunt for heart stuff! Love your collection.

dmarie1975 said...

Your closet door looks narrow like mine. Ours is a tiny closet.

Loving the colors of your bedding.

gina said...

I live in a very old three decker at the moment and , yes, the closets are small and some of the woodwork ands doors are still original. The bed set we got at Sears- it was a Ty Pennington set- the throw is from Pier1. The sheets... Target probably.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

It looks very snuggly! Yawn. I need to take a nap--

I was trying to read the Dad plaque...

Sweet room.

I love it cool and dark when I sleep, so would love an AC in our room too.

Scrappy Girl said...

Love the little heart collection. Too sweet!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Pillow tops are wonderful!
Daniel and my first bed was a pillow top, and after sleeping on the floor for almost a month, we thought we had died and gone to heaven! Seriously! We laid there and giggled for like 10 minutes. :)

The heart collection is incredible! Such a great idea!


Maggii said...

Oh I love the heartshaped collection!What a neat idea.

Jules said...

I also love the heartshaped stuff. Very cool.

Your bureau tops look very organized! And your bed looks super comfy.

Thanks for sharing!

Patrice0x0x said...

Love the room.. the bed is so cute! And I love how its unmade.. that's real life, right! And I am totally in support of the white noise/cold room at night I am the same way.

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