Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goals for 2009:

2007 was a busy year for our family. John bought the business he worked for, he and I took the proverbial plunge, and it was the littles first time to Florida. In comparison, 2008 seemed very laid back. We went on more vacations- both locally and to Florida but that was about it. 2009 looks to be another busy and exciting year for our family. It is our goal to finally decide on a house to buy and move into it. With that, comes the opportunity for the girls and I to tap into our creative side- and get decorating and hostessing. I also begin homeschooling Shaye and Mackenna next week. My own personal goal through all of the craziness is to remember daily to show John just how much he means to us, as he is the reason all of this is possible for the girls and I. I never have a problem remembering to be the best mother I can be, but sometimes, by the end of a stressful day- nurturing my marriage is the last thing on my mind.

As far as specific homeschooling goals go,
  1. Get organized. (Have I ever mentioned my deep love for The Container Store? WAL-MART?!! Look what I did!)
  2. Meet & get to know local HS families.
  3. Play it by ear for the first few weeks- to get a feel for how much to plan, before over committing.
  4. Have fun with it!

You would think I would have more specific goals, but I really don't. The one thing I remember from my previous homeschooling experience is how easily things flow if you are open to it. Questions about one subject or topic can lead you into a completely new topic before you even realize what is happening. Children are natural born learners at this age- I just have to provide them with the opportunity to follow their instincts.

For more goals from home schooling families, visit...

What are your goals for 2009?


Kelly said...

Great goals!! Have a fantastic 2009!!

Susan said...

Those are wonderful goals. Just the right to start the year with. Each member of a homeschooling family I know makes goals for the new year: goals for fun, for travel, for education. Then the next year they look at them and see if they accomplished them or if the goal became unimportant. I did this last year with my kids but I have no idea where I put the goals. We'll try again this year.

elexisb said...

Geesh, you just reminded me I haven't exactly thought of any goals for me or my family. I like that link for the homeschoolers goals though, I will check that out more. And, I've been meaning to check out the Container Store too, so thanks! I love your blog :)

abeachcottage said...

like your goals, I think mine are pretty similar!

here's to a great 2009


Ann(ie) said...

I too adore the container store!!! I REALLY enjoy it when they have a sale, though b/c they're frickin expensive. But, I still love them. ;) alot.

KarenW said...

Play it by ear is a good plan. Homeschoolers need to be flexible!

tammy said...

Great goals!! I need some containers, too! ;)

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