Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our stockings are hung!

When Nikki suggested we all share pictures of our stockings today, it was just the kick in the butt motivation I needed to load mine onto the computer. This year, Mushy Bug took three fabrics of my choosing and whipped up six coordinating Christmas stockings for my family-

I am dreaming of them being hung on the mantel in our new home next year, until then, the wall had to do.

Okay, your turn- post a pic and leave the link in comments.


mamabear said...

Oh I just love, love, love your stockings! What amazing colors. It's hard to tell in the picture, but are the stripes red, or do they have a pinkish tint?
I already filled my family's stockings, so they are "hidden" in my closet so the kids don't snoop. I'm planning on putting them out on Christmas Eve so the kids can have something to open before Christmas morning.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Great stockings! SO adorable!! I just posted mine---go leave a link on my "stocking post", k?!
Thanks for playing along!

gina said...

Dawn- they are red and white striped- the picture gives the tint. :(

They are all Micael Miller fabrics.

We let the kids open a present or two on Christmas Eve but the stockings stay empty until they are asleep- and they open them last (usually) on Christmas morning.

Nikki- I'm on my way over- and I changed the link in my post to link directly to your stocking post. thanks for the fun idea!

Nicole said...

These stockings are super cute! And I must say your header is so cool! I need to get more tech saavy! -Nicole :)

gina said...

Thanks Nicole!

I am SO not tech savvy- this was a premade design that I got very inexpensively from

Their designs rock!

Jules said...

Awesome stockings!! I would post pictures of ours, but they are pretty boring. Just red with a white fluff around the top. And we don't have a mantle either, so they are hanging on the stair railing, but it is not an open staircase so they are basically against the wall. *sigh*

But yours are beautiful! :)

Maven said...

I popped by via Melissa's Mr. Linky. Merry Christmas and beautiful stockings!

I tried to post a picture of my stockings but couldn't figure out how to do it :-)

Ho Ho Ho and nice to meet you!

Kim Layton said...

You did a great job on the stockings. I don't have mine hung up yet! Merry Christmas!

Jean said...

It took me all morning to bake, take the picture, edit and check email but I got it! Merry Christmas.

Ann(ie) said...

ooooooooooooooooh how I love me those stockings!!!!

KARNA said...

Those are really sweet and darling christmas stockings! One year I made stockings for my family (I have had mine since birth from my Godmother) ... at any rate, not being a seamstress, I neglected to leave space for turning the stocking rightside OUT...and thus...the stockings were so oranges could ever fit, just bananas..each and every year LOL Many laughs every time!

My stocking is on my blog == about last weeks posting time I think.

KARNA said...

i should have left my blog link:
Date of blog with christmas stocking NOV 30th.

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