Saturday, February 21, 2009

A week spent mostly in our jammies

and yet we still managed to :

  • Meet with our homeschool girls group on Monday. Where there was lots of outdoor play and where we sewed our own beanbags.

  • Spend numerous hours at home tossing and catching and building obstacle courses to test and challenge our new beanbag skills.

  • Read no less than 10 (ten!) books on Dolphins and Whales- (out of the 19 we checked out of the library on Tuesday). In addition to Shaye reading two Fairy chapter books and finishing The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and Hannah Montana: Crush-tastic! (Two chapter books started previously).

  • Bake, frost, and decorate sugar cookies from scratch. In time to enjoy them during our two hour visit with Auntie and Grammy on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Play for hours on end with our American Girl dolls with Brielle- a treat since normally she would be in school all day!

  • Stay up late watching Walking With Dinosaurs on Animal Planet.

  • Have more fun with the alphabet (letter collages with Mackenna and alphabetical order with Shaye).

  • Enjoy a trip to Michael's and B&N on Friday, where we selected and bought charcoals, carbon pencils and sketchpads and then a knock-knock joke book, a "Would you rather..." game book (which brought our whole family hours of gross-outs and laughter) and another DK Eyewitness book to add to our slowly growing collection... OCEAN.

  • Today was spent mastering Tinkerbell on Nintendo DS and playing with our "wooden dolls". Oh, and playing a few more rounds of "Would you rather..."

Not to mention our regularly scheduled dance classes.

Oh wait, I just did.


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