Thursday, August 6, 2009

define... me.

Sounds like a trick question, right? If you've ever read my profile, you know this: I'm a married, tattooed, suburban, stay at home mother of four girls and I love my life. For all of my adult life, those things have pretty much defined me. I had my first daughter at twenty, going straight from living with my family to raising one. I wouldn't change a thing. Now, fifteen years later, my youngest is starting school full time next month and I'm kind of lost. I always thought I'd go back to working part time at this point in my life, but the economy has pretty much destroyed the concept of "mother's hours", at least for now. So now I'm faced with spending 180+ days with someone (me) I don't really know and that's an overwhelming thought. I mean, how much "picking up" can a house, that no one is home using, actually need? On the upside, I finally have time to slow down and rediscover all of the things I love (or not love). All of the things that make me, me. One thing at a time.


Wendy said...

So, what will you try first?

gina said...

Eek. I don't know... fill a blog with no help from my kids, lol? Seriously, I'm at a loss. I have a lot to choose from- I don't cook, I don't know anything about yard work, I've always wanted to really learn Italian (I used to be able to understand my older relatives when I was a kid- enough to know when I was being sent the store and could earn a quarter!), I'd love to get messy doing something creative/artsy... sigh. It's scary but exciting.

Jules said...

Man! What an awesome time in your life!

My friend once told me that when her kids all went to school she was going to just "stay home and be creative". Sounds like a great plan!

This will be fun - watching you learn about yourself. Have fun with it! :)

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

What an awesome time in your life. I think more people (myself too) would love the chance to do just this!

Good luck and I will be here to read along :)

Tammy said...

Love your new blog! Can't wait to read more!

Enjoy this new time in your life:)

PamperingBeki said...

I'm excited for you Gina. :)

elexisb said...

you are the cutest

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