Monday, October 26, 2009

{a month of living and learning}

October.  My favorite month.  This year, a month so full of life and learning that it has flown by- with a hardly a word from me here.  What have we been up to?  I have been blessed with the opportunity to volunteer in the littles' classrooms several days a week.    John's business is entering it's busy season, so his days are longer and more physically difficult.  Then, for the girls, there's soccer- practice and games, taking the PSAT, winter play try-outs (Gianna's a Who!), attending school sporting events, MCAS practice classes, and spending time with their friends.  As a family, we have attended John's nephew's football games, decorated our home and front yard for the season, tried to keep the accumulating fallen leaves and acorns down to a bare minimum in our yard, spent afternoons hosting family and friend gatherings, and made our annual visit to  The Halloween Outlet - for holiday spooking and buying the girls' costumes.

We've also learned a lot this month...

Fire Safety

and how our local firefighters operate.

That the  squirrels in this neighborhood
eat any pumpkins placed outdoors...

leaving me to sweep up the mess!


Mackenna is excited to be learning how to spell,

Shaye has been writing on her blog* again,
{and if you skip on over and leave her a comment-
it would totally make her day  month year! Thanks!!}
Gianna is now learning her lines for the winter play.

I turned another year older at the beginning of this month, and am trying to remember
that time is precious and goes by so quickly-
and to
cherish the every day moments of life as they happen.

What have you been up to?


beth said...

Stinkin' squirrels! I like squirrels, just not on my front porch, eating my pumpkins. Sounds like you have been busy! We haven't been up to too much around here. Just trying to enjoy the last little bit of fall weather before winter starts to set in, which happens in Mid-November around here. I am sooo not ready! I am not a winter person!
Have a great day! Beth. :)

dandee said...

Pumpkin eating squirrels? I've never heard of such a thing!

I've been tending my sick house. I hope it's over soon.

gina said...

Dandee- neither had I! We lived in THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS before and never had a problem with pumkins outside. Maybe the squirrels are a little more desperate in suburbia. :)

gina said...

Sounds like Beth has experienced the same problem... any solutions anyone?

Anonymous said...

I think your squirrels perhaps haven't found the cat food people tend to leave out. Either that, or they've lost too many brain cells dodging cars. lol

So happy to hear how all the girls are keeping busy this school year. Congratulations to Gianna for being a Who! That is totally awesome. Can't wait to see her in her costume.

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