Sunday, November 22, 2009

give me a break.
and a Kit Kat would be good too.

This upcoming week is crazy busy for me: volunteer commitments, cooking for classroom "Thanksgiving feasts", shopping for project supplies, going to see new moon, and now I'm supposed to be resting(funny), following up with doctors and specialists, and this is the week we decorate for Chirstmas!  

So... I will be taking a break from here, until I return at the beginning of December- which is the very next week! - with lots of great pictures and posts about all things cheery and bright.  

Until then...


check out this picture of Brielle that I snagged off her camera, because she hates posing for me lately...

she's twelve.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


SugarBritches said...

Rest up! And she is gorgeous!

Tammy said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Also, I am loving all your links on one thing! You do a great job of finding the cutest things!!

purejoy said...

i've been so busy lately and have barely come up for air in weeks. did i miss something? are you having a health problem that i missed? is there somethink i can be praying for you? let me know. i love your blog and your ideas. not enough time in the day to comment and really dive into all i want to see. but i do want to pray if you need!

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