Tuesday, December 8, 2009

cute "ice cream" ornament

Two years ago,
Mackenna made this unique ornament for us at (pre)school.

Simply glue an ornament onto a kiddie cone and add a ribbon.

As you can see, the cone has held up rather nicely.

The teacher personalized it by writing Merry Christmas 2007
and Mackenna's  name on the cone with a Sharpie.

Here is a (slightly blurry) side view...

Cute, right?


Shona Leah said...

yes cute!

mise said...

Delightfully original. The cone absolutely negates any mass-market-made christmas ornament vibe.

Megan said...

Adorable! Did you get your snow? Ours lasted approximately 5 minutes and not a drop stuck! haha!

count it all joy said...

Hand-made decorations by the littlies are always the most precious and I'm sure the ones that we'll keep forever. What a delightful reminder of a moment in time for you. Meredith xo.

Anonymous said...

pk @ Room Remix

Right! Cute! :-) That is such a fun idea and I'm sure the kids loved making them.

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