Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a very merry to do list:

1. make a gingerbread house

3. drink hot cocoa w/peppermint stirrers

4. go caroling

5. be a secret santa

6. go sledding

7. make a snow angel

8. make {and give} a box of love

9. choose a charity as a family and make a donation

10. drive around together enjoying the holiday lights


11. decorate the Christmas tree

12. make {and enjoy} snowman pancakes

13. hang a winter wreath on the front door

14. watch The Grinch!

15. read The Night Before Christmas

16. go see a local play

17. ride the Christmas train at the mall

18. go see A Christmas Carol in 3D

19. make a snowman

20. have a snowball fight

Host a Christmas Eve gathering at our house.


Megan said...

Our lists look so much alike:) Love it!! I did the same thing with the black Friday sales. No way was I doing the 2 hour line thing! I don't know what I did before I discovered online shopping:) Merry Christmas!

Sarah C. said...

What a great list! Several of those are on mine too. :)

beth said...

That's a great list!! We love to do number 10, then come home and do number 3. Except we don't drive around looking at the lights, we all bundle up and walk around our neighborhood. I just finished number 11 and number 13 yesterday. I'm starting to get in the holiday mood now!! Have a great day!! :)

kel said...

what a fantastic list!!!

Michelle said...

I love your list, I think I need to write one now but there'll be no sledding, or snowman here - maybe a drive to the beach?

Tammy said...

Great list. We did a gingerbread house a couple of years ago, and I am so ready to do another. But probably not this year. Hope you have fun doing yours...and all the other fun things you have listed!

Gena said...

Wow girl and I thought I was over ambitious in my plans!!!! Well it all sounds like fun, so enjoy!!!

shopannies said...

what a great list of things to do

Anonymous said...

So far we've done 13 things. Four more are scheduled before christmas. We weren't secret santas, we didn't go caroling, give a box of love(maybe valentines day) or make snowman pancakes (yet... Those are easy). A very fun month all in all! Gina

gina said...

UPDATE: We are down to 4, 8, and 12 (besides tomorrow night's gathering). A very merry month indeed!!

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