Monday, January 18, 2010

eight. or less. because I'm a simple gal.

I was tagged last week by VodkaLogic to answer the following questions.  And though sometimes I fear that this blog becomes too much about me and less about our family life, I'm throwing caution to the wind and doing it...

8  6 TV shows I watch

The Good Wife
The Big Bang Theory
Big Love
Nurse Jackie
Project Runway

oh wait,

I watch Man V Food with John and the kids!

8  6 favorite places to eat and drink

Home!  Seriously, my husband's cooking ROCKS!!  I've mentioned it before.

Papa Gino's
Ciao Bella
Regatta Deli
99 Restaurant and Pub {pub 99 to us locals}

Are you laughing?  My husband groans in frustration.  I have extremely simple taste when it comes to food- give me a tasty pasta dish or a really good grinder any day. Or in the case of pub 99- some of the most addicting buffalo wings ever made!  Three months ago we started going out to dinner with our neighbors once a month and they(the other couple and my hubs) all love "good" food.  And I go, because I like wearing something besides sweats and I like everyone's company, but I also finding myself scouring the menus at these nice restaurants- looking just a simple pasta or chicken dish.

8  5 things I am looking forward to

In chronological order:

Valentine's Day


Finding a job with "mother's hours". 

Now I know you are laughing. Because that's what even the local grocery market did when I applied last summer.  I understand that it will take a miraculous jump in our economy for those to even exist any more, and I'm just thankful we don't need me to work.

Our "girls only" trip to NYC.  My sister has signed on to accompany me and the girls on this adventure.

Summer vacation.   I love having the girls all home.

8 things that happened yesterday*

*Remember, I typed this last week.

Oh boy, here's where it's all about the family.

1)I was happily bloghopping and eating a light lunch of tomato soap and buttered Saltine crackers(because I'm sick) when 2)the phone rang.  It was Brielle calling from the nurse's office. She didn't feel good. I asked her if she could wait the 3 hours of school out. She said no.  I told her I would be there as soon as I was done with my soup. 3)Then I got a text from Gianna telling me she got an 80 on her Chemistry test. Um, great. But aren't you NOT supposed to use your phones in school? 4)I finish my lunch and run out the door.  all the way to the school my phone is beeping as it gets incoming texts. 5) I pull up to the school, where I can finally safely read my texts, and there are 6 from Brielle (it's a fifteen minute ride) asking where I was and letting me know she was in the nurse's office. Um, great. But aren't you NOT supposed to use your phones in school?! 6) So then I text Gianna, letting her know I am getting Brielle so she shouldn't worry when the bus pulls away without her, and she's writes "Mom, I'm in school, I can't get texts from you."  Although I think the truth is a little closer to: "Mom, I'm in school, I can't get texts from you." 7)  I then have to dismiss the littles for a previously scheduled GI doctor's appt. for Shaye. 8) Where I learn that I will have to collect stool samples from her this upcoming week and am given very graphic instructions on how to accomplish this.

Yup, those are the kinds of days you are missing when I post these random blog games instead.

8 things I love about winter

the snow

the quiet

DD Vanilla Chais

when my girls play outdoors for hours,

coming in with their cheeks all rosy

My husband's boiled dinners

and roasts

and crock pot meals!

8 things on my wish list

a pool for our backyard.  I'm not picky, I'll take an above ground one.

a bigger deck for off the back of our house. To fit more friends and family at once!

a firepit for our backyard.  A stone circular one with a built in patio and encircling stone wall seating.

a canopy for our backyard.  For shade and protection from the elements.

built in cube shelving for our living room

a new desk for our computer/guest room.

a crafty set up to add the: /craft/wrap to our current laundry/mud room.

a square tablecloth for our table. Those things are ridiculously hard to find for a reasonable price!

8 things I am passionate about

childhood education

reading to/with/in front of your kids


learning and talking and doing more about anxiety, depression, post partum and prenatal depression

raising strong, sassy, creative, and caring ladies


living the life I want and loving the life I have!

8 words I use often

brace yourselves...


I know, I can hardly believe I admitted it on here, but I am nothing if not honest about my life.  I blame it on my Massachussetts-Italian upbringing.  I think it was Matt Damon who tried to explain on a talk show how where we come from F*CK is the most versatile word in the English language.  It's a verb, noun, adjective, adverb, pronoun (that F*CKER), exclamation, and explanation.  Ever see Good Will Hunting?  Mystic River?  Gone, Baby, Gone?  Those are my peeps.  You can take the girl out of the city (I was born and raised
in Worcester, MA and lived there until I was 29), but you can't take the city out of the girl.  My husband hates it.


where are my keys?






*Much to my now 15 yo's dismay! ;)

8 things I have learned from the past

Aqua and pink eyeshow is not a good look for me.  No matter what I thought back then.

Bigger is not better... when it comes to hair, shoulders, and heels.

Hold on to sixteen as long as you can, changes come around real soon... make us women and men.

Education is essential.

Travel and experiencing new things is important.

Depression and anxiety is genetic- know your family's history. Especially if you are pregnant!

You have not experienced everything life has to offer when you are nineteen.  Keep your options open and yourself either celibate or protected!

Always, and I mean every. single. time. you. get. into. a. car, wear your seatbelt!

8 things I want/need

ALL I NEED necklace  $23 ...   the Rusted chain

But when it's time for a new vehicle, those new Chevy Traverses are sexy! I mean as sexy as a vehicle that seats as many as I need it to seat can be.  ;)

Are you still here ?!??

Gawd, I love ya!



Anonymous said...

umm...thats great and all but i'm in biology this year. i don't take chemistry until next year. but nice try :)


Christina Lee said...

wow impressive lists!! funny about the texting from your daughter and yeah for Big Love and upcoming trip to NYC!!

Lori Kees said...

Love having daughters and sassiness, I have three.. see Gianna's perfect comment above. Also three of your eight words aren't words?? Correct. Have a wonderful day... Lori

purejoy said...

wow, so thoughtful. i loved every one of your passions.
i lived up north and had a terrible f*cking swearing habit.
seriously. my husband would blush when not blanching.
i became a christian and my flair for the obscene expletives disappeared immediately.
it can only be christ b/c THAT is something i could never do on my own!!
loved your lists and all the thought that went into it.
and am secretly jealous that you are taking a girls trip… to new york no less!!

Gina said...

I really enjoyed this blog post. I haven't been reading your blog very long so it was fun to get a summarised insight into you.

Growing up in Ireland it was essential to use the word "f***" in every sentence. If you were in the company of parents, teachers or a granny it was considered acceptable to modify it to "Feic" This is the Irish word for "look" so technically isn't swearing but helps to fill in the awkward gap where "f***" should have been!

Jules said...

I love this post!! I can relate to all that you have written here. Even the F-bomb. I really try not to say it, and I, a midwestern Lutheran country girl, probably don't say it as much my Bay State, Italian, city girlfriend does! ;) But I definitely say it more than my sisters, who faint dead away when they hear it come out of my mouth. :)

Good stuff here.

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