Tuesday, January 12, 2010

look who's NOT procrastinating today!


I know, shocking.

 I just ordered these cool cupcake toppers...

 (to be personalized with Shaye's name and age to be- 8!)

And her birthday isn't until March 1st.

Who's rockin' now?!


(see a theme here?)

Guess who was passed two blog awards yesterday?

Come on, aren't you paying attention?


One for being positive and creative and supportive with on my  blog.  And one that really is just a fun meme, and I'm all in for those,  so I am going to play along...

 10  6 things that are making me happy today

(because that's all I can think of, and it really is all about me today, isn't it?)

  1.  the Subway veggie delight grinder I had for lunch. Yum!

  2. that Mackenna's ear looks to be on the mend, and hopefully this will be the last course of antibiotics needed. Poor thing!

  3. today's purchase was the second Etsy purchase I made this month.  Yeah handmade!

  4. my sister's texts.  It's much easier to fit three texts into her lunch break(she works at a very busy medical practice) then a whole phone call, so we talk almost daily now!

  5. the fact that MoonNStarMommy became my 100th follower.  The mommy of four boys, three of whom have special needs, and a loving wife- her blogs are super inspirational (and informative) reads.

  6. that Tammy thought of me when passing her awards  on yesterday .  Thanks Tammy, whose blog motto is "When an honest opinion matters...", you're pretty fabulous yourself! In fact, let's all go give her some comment love...

Enough about me...

What's making you happy today?


mise said...

Reading wonderful upbeat you, of course!

Colleen said...

I think you already know what's making me happy: BioB consenting to Punky's adoption!

I LOVE those cupcake toppers. That is going to be one stylish 8th birthday party.

Megan said...

Your post made me happy! and it has made me think of all the things that are making me happy today!! Thanks:)

Tammy said...

Aaaahhhh, your so sweet!

The Queen Of Re said...

a new slippers I just made and 4 oreo cookies

Cap Creations said...

Those cupcake toppers look great! Looks like it's gonna be a fun girly party. (Awe what's that, girly? Wouldn't know anymore.)

gina said...

Hope- only 4?!??

Everyone else, yes I love this Etsy shop- her stuff is VERY colorful and fun!! And now with the DIY and printable options- even more affordable!!!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Making me happy today - Looking at my shiny new blog. :)


Sunshine. (finally!!!)

A 3 yr old who's behaving. At the moment, at least.

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