Friday, February 5, 2010

this weekend we're going to...

attend a winter carnival.

try this science experiment...

bake the SUPER simple chocolate &  ROLO cookies,

that for the life of me

I can't remember whose blog I got the recipe from,

if it was yours - give yourself a SHOUT OUT  in comments.

And probably these too...

they are called Hershey Oatmeal Scotchies.

I got both the picture and the link to the recipe here.

We're going to stay up real late-

playing board games, the Wii, and watching movies.

Eating way too many cookies and laughing 'til hurts.

**oh, and we may or may not be entering  this JUST DANCE! contest.**

just saying... you may see some hilarious footage next week. ;)

'cause Auntie Tessa is coming for a girls only weekend!

What are your weekend plans?




Jessica said...

I wish I was doing something half as fun! :)

Life As I Know It said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I have a rolo cookie recipe, also, that is SO good. I might have to make them soon ;)

gina said...

I might have seen it there, is it just eggs,oil, and devils food cake mix?

Went shopping and got all of the ingredients and Tessa's bringing extra cookie sheets- we're making DOUBLE batches of everything. Our neighbors might be getting a special delivery. :)

Shell said...

Woohoo! Just Dance!

The rolos on pretzels and then smoosh them down with a walnut or m&m's? I love those.

5orangepotatoes said...

What fun! Girls weekend with the Auntie!!!! We'll be right girls, my sisters and me!!!! Thanks for the link love.

purejoy said...

my MIL made the pretzle rolo pecan thingy and it was HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH!! so flippin' easy too (now if only those rolos would un-rolo themselves out of the foil!!)

i hope you post the recipe on those rolo cookies. . . i have a teen bible study in my house on mondays and i feed them cookies every week!!

girls weekend sounds super fun. i'll be home trying to design a blog headder for my brother's new blog (ps i don't do blog design or understand HTML code or have any idea of what i'm doing) and working. it's raining here (gah, again) and probably will work out.

oh, the boywonder is home this weekend, and in between his social life, i think i may see him for dinner. but that's not set in stone, so who knows?

have fun fun FUN!!

Colleen said...

Well, we had a lovely day at the bowling alley then MacGyver and I spent some really nice quality time reading very different books and forcing information on each other at Barnes & Noble. Tomorrow is SuperBowl, but we still gotta find a place to watch it.

Sounds like your weekend is gonna be a blast!!

gina said...

Let me tell you that those butterscotch cookies are DIVINE- and this from a CHOCOLATE lover!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Those cookies look awesome!

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