Monday, May 5, 2008


The BIGGEST sidewalk chalk you ever did see!


Kellan said...

Cool chalk and cute pictures!!

Nice to see you today Gina - hope you are well. See you soon - Kellan

elexisb said...

You find the coolest stuff. I'll have to look for that, my girls love chalk too.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Oh, Reagan would love some of that chalk.
Cute pics!

Pssst....only 7 more days until my vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee


megan said...

there you are I love your new site. I love that huge chalk too. I love your clock! What a cool mom of some unpink ladies.

~love said...

i just got a new stock of sidewalk chalk, but didn't see that! how fun. =) and cute pics!

gina said...

Linda, I was just thinking today that you guys must be in the single digits for your countdown(we're at 11!). Yeah!

ps. Maybe Reagan will be getting some happy mail then. :)

Jules said...

Wow. That chalk is awesome!

Erin said...

those are HUGE! how fun!

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