Sunday, May 4, 2008

No frosting=cupcakes or muffins?

A few weeks ago I was craving some chocolate goodness, so I whipped up a batch of "light" cupcakes- just a box mix and a can of Diet Coke. The girls were very excited that we were having cupcakes for no reason. I didn't frost them because, to be honest, I knew I'd be eating like five and I wanted to cut out the calories. (I know, I know, there is something warped in my reasoning.) When I called the girls to come have one, Mackenna asked where the frosting was. When I said we weren't having frosting this time, she said "Oh, we're having muffins." I told her no, we just weren't frosting our cupcakes, but she stuck to the muffin label- asking Daddy when he got home if he wanted a muffin- Mommy made them. What gives? Is the instinct of a three year old correct- does no frosting a muffin make? Or am I right- a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake, frosted or not?


elexisb said...

A cupcake is no cupcake without frosting. So, you are wrong. Mackenna is right! Go over to allthingscupcake and see how many cupcakes you see with no frosting. My Ayla would've FLIPPED. You must have some tolerant little girls over there!

gina said...

There must be scientific reasoning to support me- otherwise why are there two different recipes?

Anonymous said...

Muffins specifically refer to a quick sweet-bread baked in a muffin pan. Vs. Cupcake is a cake (different texture and slightly different ingredients) baked in a muffin pan.

Also, a cake/cupcake doesn't "necessarily" have to have frosting to make it a cupcake/cake, but it sure makes it "taste" better, doesn't it?

Just my two cents.


Ribbon Rock Star said...

I think a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake! lol
Different textures between muffins and cupcakes
But hey, A 3 year old is NEVER WRONG ya know! At least that's what mine thinks.


gina said...

Dawn- AHA- I knew it. :)
Of course, Linda's right, convincing Mackenna is a whole other ball game.

Jules said...

I know I am late with this, but I agree that a cupcake is a cupcake, even without frosting.

Funny how I have never had this question come up in my life before! Maybe that's because I have never been faced with a frosting-less cupcake? What were you thinking woman? ;)

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