Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good ol' fashioned summer fun

A little over four weeks in and we've put a few dents in the master list of ideas for summer fun. I had each girl write a list of their top ten must dos of the list- as a handy go to guide. This actually turned into an activity in and of itself- with the girls and their cousins reading and rereading the list outloud and debating the merits of each activity as a top ten choice. Even the littles got in on the planning- drawing their "top" lists. An item can be crossed off the master list once one or more people in our family has done it (parents included). So far, we've crossed off...

  • Join the summer reading program at your library
  • Make lemonade from lemons
  • Go get an ice cream
  • Learn something new together (we've have been cooking a lot! Can anyone say homemade rice pudding?! Super easy and YUM!)
  • Paint on a driveway with water
  • and chalk paint
  • Catch (and release) butterflies
  • Swing on swings
  • Eat peaches
  • Put the baby pool at the bottom of the slide
  • Watch a fireworks display
  • Swim!
  • Sleep late (we- and by we I mean Mackenna, therefore ALL of us- have actually been sleeping 2 hours past the usual 5am-ish wake up time! Yeah!!)
  • Teach your child how to make something of Grandma's
  • Drink an iced coffee
  • Choose a new book at a local bookstore (We've bought at least twenty.)
  • Tint some shaving cream, spread it in a baking pan and play (NOTE: We used food coloring and it stains skin temporarily.)
  • Play tourist in your hometown
  • Let your kids record their own summertime fun (They have all put their cameras to good use!)
  • Keep a summer journal
  • Swim!
  • Eat strawberries dipped in sugar (we used homemade whipped cream- another YUM!)
  • Bask in the sun -using the proper SPF (I am currently waiting for the results of a biopsy- I can't stress the use of sunblock ENOUGH!!)
  • Build sandcastles (and mudpies, soups, etc.)
  • Dance in the rain
  • Maintain a blog
  • Actively do nothing
  • Have a tea party
  • Play with empty boxes
  • Write a letter, create custom stamps and mail

We've also attended birthday parties, had and have been to sleepovers, taken walks, hit the malls, gone go-carting, given and received numerous manicures and pedicures, created cool summer 'dos, played MANHUNT, taken naps, gone to the movies, eaten out, drawn with sidewalk chalk, done numerous art projects, jumped on trampolines, read books for fun and worked on summer reading projects for school.

On the calendar:

  • Visits to a water park, museum, aquarium, and the ocean (not on the same day, of course)
  • Run a race
  • Co-host a birthday cookout
  • Buy and decorate some "skippy" sneakers with Sharpies (a must do on Gianna's list)


Super Healthy Kids said...

You guys have been Busy!! Can you believe how fast summer is going. My kids start school again mid-august. I can't believe it.

gina said...

Mine too- well, near the end of August, but still- it's flying!

Sarah C. said...

You all have been really busy! Sounds like a lot of fun though. :) Hope you get good biopsy results!

Monkey Giggles said...

You have had a fun packed summer.

What are skippy sneakers?

We are THAT Family said...

Wow! Can you adopt me?

Jules said...

Hey - great post! I love that you are going about your summer fun with a purpose - and keeping track. What great memories for your girls.

I so want to do the baby pool at the bottom of the slide. What a hoot!

Enjoy the rest of the summer - it's going by way too fast.

And I hope your biopsy results are a-okay! Keep us posted.

Randall said...

You might add to your list:

Ride a train.

Here's some trains you can ride

Hopefully there's one near you.

Melissa~ said...

Love this list! And I am mad at you for sending me to that birdie pail etsy store! I am trying to save money right now! *LOL*

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints

gina said...

Take a train! Yes, we should add that- that's something the girls would love. :)

gina said...

lol. Skippy sneakers are what we call basic style Keds or the like styled canvas boat sneakers. I've called them skippy sneakers my whole life- no idea where the term comes from.

elexisb said...

holy smokes, you are a great mom!

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