Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My hubby's
15 minutes of fame

(John is the one on the right.)

The article is online HERE.


Laural Out Loud said...

Cool! Did you get a bunch of copies?

elexisb said...

Bet the girls got a kick out of it. He should autograph copies for them!

Anonymous said...

Great photo. Looks like they're working hard.

gina said...

Oh yeah, I got copies for everyone- the girls each wanted their own, but autographing them- we didn't think of that. ;)

Randall, yup, I am super lucky to have a husband willing to work himself like a dog because that's where the money is -enough for me to stay at home raising the girls. :)

Sarah Coggins said...

Very cool! :) And very lucky you are. What a great husband.

Anonymous said...

How cool is that!
And on the front page too.
That article would make me switch to gas heat too, if I had oil.

Jean said...

That is awesome! It is always fun to have someone in the paper that deserves it.

Ann(ie) said...

Right ON!!!! That is too tool.

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