Tuesday, November 11, 2008

honest answers to the tough-
and not so tough- questions

  1. I have just two tattoos (for now). A standard tribal armband on my right arm and my husband's initials camoflagued in a tribal design that I drew myself.

  2. John has one on his right shoulder blade- an egyptian cross that means "circle of life".

  3. No, if my daughters ever want to get a tattoo, I won't care. In fact, I would love it. I love people who are confident enough to express themselves however they choose to.

  4. Yes, they are all mine. And yes, they are all girls.

  5. Yes, we are all done. (The question used to be "Are you going to try again for a boy?" The last year or so- as Mackie has gotten older- it's been "So, are you guys all done. You're all set with the girls, huh?" I find it so odd that people actually ask those questions out loud, never mind in front of "the girls". )

  6. Gianna's red hair comes from my maternal grandmother- and she was thrilled when Gianna was born with it.

  7. The most common color in my wardrobe used to be black- now it's gray. grey. gray? Although, you will usually find at least one item in it that is lime green(usually in the winter or spring) and one item that is orange(summer). Much to my husband and daughters' dismay.

  8. No, I am not wearing my gorgeous engagement ring. After I got married, I preferred the look of just my wedding band on my left hand. I still wore it sometimes, until last March, when I realized I had lost it. It could be anywhere, because when I did wear it, I was always taking it off to do things (I have OCD and can't stand the feel of wearing a ring while doing housework or wearing gloves, etc.). We are hoping it turns up when we empty this place out to move.

  9. I am a dreamer/spender/impulsive buyer/must do everything yesterday type of person. John is a planner/saver/wait and see/we'll get it done eventually type of person. And therein lies our biggest challenge. Because I am also the scream and get it out and over with type of person, while John is the quiet/we'll talk about it when I 've calmed down type of person. My biggest growth as a woman has come from learning to live with someone so different and constructively solve our conflicts. I think while in this type of relationship you run the risk of bringing out the worst in each other; We have definitely learned (and continue to make an effort) to balance and compliment each other's approach to life instead.

  10. Our favorite colors are:
me- red
john- blue or green
gianna- sky blue
brielle- yellow
shaye- purple
mackenna- (gasp) pink!

Feel free to leave your answers in the comments section. In fact, I'd love it if you would. Did I mention that I'm nosy curious like that?


ArtMind said...

*adds Gina to her list of brave woman* Loved reading this! :)
Also love that mackenna loves pink! LOL :)

Laural Out Loud said...

This was so much fun to read!

I also won't care about tattoos, or piercings. My husband, on the other hand, will probably fip a lid. But that's okay. Oh, and hair dyed crazy colors is okay, too!

Jean said...

1. no tattoos but i do have a pink airplane shaped birthmark on my stomach. doctors always ask if it's a tattoo.

2. hubby doesn't have any.

3. if my kids want them i will be fine. i would like to have some input though :)

4. they are mine and they are boys.

5. i am not done in my mind but most likely we are done. i will leave it up to God.

6. I was the only kid wtih brown hair and my siblings told me I was adopted. i look just like my mom so i doubt it.

7. i wear black all the time. people freak out when i am in color. sometimes i wear color for attention. i wear black because it makes me feel safe,comfortable and happy.

8. i am on my 3rd engagement ring from the same man. i am picky-what can i say? its not the ring that matters, but the love.

9. i am a dreamer/spender and impulsive buyer too. i admit i get shoppers high. my mom and aunts do too so it's ok. hubby is a major planner too and safe with money but he gets a shopper's high at home depot and costco.

10.son1 - blue
son 2- green
hubby- blue i think but white for cars.

gina said...

Oh, yeah Laurel- My oldest just got a tiny nose ring and Brielle has been coloring her hair for a year and a half now- lighter, darker...it's all good.

gina said...

jean- Shaye has a birthmark on her stomach that looks like a bruise- doctors always look twice at it. But an airplane, that's cool.

good point about the hair color thing- no wonder people ask me if they are all mine- I've got a red head, a blonde(well when she's not coloring it) , and two brunettes- one light and one dark. And don't even get me started on their eye colors.

ArtMind- Yup, Mackenna is her own person alright! lol.

Erin said...

this was so fun to ready!

and you know, gray is the new black :)

Erin said...

fun to READ, not ready :P

edie+steve said...

This is a fun post. I love number 9, sounds like macdaddy and me.!

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