Sunday, November 9, 2008

PhotoHunt: together

This is how most of my girls spent Friday. Together, taking turns lying all over the furniture and floor- and passing the "pukey bowl" as needed. Despite their illness, or maybe because of, they all got along extremely well. It was a day of quiet conversations and occasional laughter. I actually found it to be one of the most relaxing and peaceful days in our household in quite a while.


Jules said...

Ohhh - I'm sorry there is a need for the pukey bowl at your house!!

I hope everyone feels better soon and that you don't get it yourself! Yuk!

gina said...

Fingers crossed. Shaye is the only one with it lingering and I...I'm not even going to SAY it!

ArtMind said...

Hope they are feeling much better now. Glad it was at least relaxing and peaceful.

Jean said...

we all had that last week. i hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Lindsay said...

Ahhhhh....sick/cartoon days. The season is upon us isn't it? Ugh.

elexisb said...

Hope everyone's better!

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