Saturday, June 6, 2009

what i learned this week:

  1. There isn't much a second coat of paint won't fix.
  2. Bactrine is handy to have around when your kids are spending hours on end in a yard, relatively unsupervised. (We were within earshot. Painting.)
  3. Gianna made her high school's Varsity cheerleading squad!
  4. Brielle and her friend sprayed the Off! (that we bought at a Honey Farms, therefore paying triple it's normal cost) directly. at. the. bugs. instead of on themselves. I found this out when I wondered aloud why the can- used only one night- was almost empty when I happened to pick it up today. I was actually looking for the Bactrine, to spray Shaye's knee... again.
  5. It is entirely possible to scrape a scraped knee. Repeatedly.
  6. For each thing I cross off of our to-do-before-we-move-in list, I think of three more things I need to add.
  7. For each new item I find/buy off of my-wish-list-for-the-new-house list, I find/see/think of three more things to add.
  8. There is a blog carnival for every topic you could ever think of to post about and even some you never would have thought of on your own...

What did you learn this week?


gina said...

I also realized... I haven't added any pics to Flickr for over a month! and I still have 16 letters to do for my A,B, See... 2009 photo meme project. Time to break out the camera.

Ann(ie) said...

wow...varsity cheerleader!!! WAY TO GO. Not an easy feat!

Holly said...

Sounds like you're all having fun! That's funny about the Off. We have similar happenings with shampoo (after son showers), or Comet (after he cleans the toilet). He doesn't know the meaning of "use a little bit".

Veronica Boulden said...

squirmed after #5
laughed hardest after #8

Kelly said...

Okay.. the bug spray... LOL!!!!!

PamperingBeki said...

Congrats on the cheerleading!

This list is funny, Gina. ;-)

Wendy said...

1. Much better than using Kiltz (sp?) My sister could tell you horror stories.
2. Can't run a home without it.
3. Yay!
4. My girls would do the same thing.
5. Oh yeah.
6 and 7. Ditto. I don't think I'll ever stop finding/thinking of things to add to the wishlist.
8. And you're surprised about that? ;)

Great list!

Wendy said...

Why is it that doing something for your house always makes you find more things that need to be done? It's just not right. Maybe we should just leave things the way they are... Like that will happen...

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