Thursday, January 14, 2010

thoughtful thursday

random thoughts that have crossed my mind in the last twenty four hours...

It really is a waste of time to shave your legs when you have the goose bumps. Later, when you warm up, you have hairy legs again.

How do you defrost a frozen turkey and how long does that take?!??  We need to cook it Saturday.  And by we, you all know that I mean John.  ;)

She likes it. She really likes it. (December's lucky follower's post about her Etsy goodness.)  :)

Heyyyy, my two blogs' post counts are at are 511 and 115.  That was neat while it lasted, which wasn't long-  thanks to the ability to schedule posts.

Lately there is a lot of blog talk about "destressing and decluttering", but what does that look like?  Hmm... maybe I'll write a post about that.   Done.  It publishes tomorrow.

WOW.  The top five google searches directed to one thing. {the blog of things you'll want.  i do.} yesterday were for designer cupcake toppers, designer cupcake liners, cupcake topper and cupcake liner resource, cupcake topper and cupcake liner wholesale, and how to update your front door.  Followed closely by custom family silhouettes and heartsAw, that's sweet. 

But what happened to all of the resolutions to eat healthy and get fit people?!??  Hey, I'm not judging- I loveeeee cupcakes!   I mean, did you not see what I wrote in the comment section of yesterday's post?

I don't think this type of post is what thoughtful thursday was created for.

Maybe I should ammend the post title to Thought full Thursday.  OR Full of thoughts Thursday.  Or just plain Full of It. 


What's on your mind today?


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

These are the type of things that go thru my mind at 3:00 in the morning! I hate that.

gina said...

For me too. Until I started Celexa. Now I'm starting to sleep better at night, and think these things during the day. lol.

purejoy said...

okay, thanks. my brain hurts now.
i love reading your blog, and i'm glad we're kinda like e-friends… i think i've called my internet friends "i-friends" almost like imaginary ones…
but i have made some great connections through my blog.
something the hubster does. not. get.


i may have to write about that!

Vodka Logic said...

Cool numbers and you have 100 followers congrats

I have tagged you on my blog..come read

Anonymous said...

re: the turkey
did you just pull it out of the freezer today?
if so, put it in your sink full of COLD water. change the water every 45 minutes or so (SET the timer so you don't forget). make sure it's cold water. it should be thawed out by this evening. then put it back in the frig till you're ready to cook it tomorrow.

Shell said...

LOL @ full of it.

I think like this all the time- random and disconnected. Love it!

gina said...

Dawn- "Yes, just today!" I scream over my shoulder as I run upstairs to fill my sink with cold water after reading your comment!

Debbie said...

What's on my mind? Well, not eating healthy:)

Wishful Nals said...

love it! man, my mind is cluttered today!

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