Sunday, December 23, 2007

:: We'll Love and Miss You Forever ::

The UNpink Ladies lost their Papa Gary (my dad) on December 24, 2004. Mackenna was a baby, too young to remember, so we all tell her stories about Papa. How Papa was the first one outside with the girls after a big snowfall and the last one in. How the yard would be filled with igloos, snow tunnels and themed snowmen. How Papa's specialty was Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and how his nickname for Brielle was "Hollywood". How Papa always found time (and the patience) to let the girls help him, whether it be cook or paint walls. Papa loved eagles, the Boston Red Sox(He lived to see one World Series win and we know he was smiling down from Heaven this past October!) and his friends and family. We love Papa Gary and we will miss him forever !!


CB said...

Oh what a sweet story. Reminds me of kay's Pa, also a Gary

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