Sunday, March 2, 2008

From yesterday...

Click to play Shaye turns six !
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elexisb said...

What a good mom you are to put that together. My favorite is the 'licking the mixer' one. That's so me. Looks like you had some crazy storm there. We had NOTHING in dirty south Jersey this year. I really wanted to go sledding. You should change your blog theme, you're slacking.

gina said...

elexis- yea, that was Mackie helping me bake Shaye's cake on friday. We got slammed with snow, Fri. into Sat. our party and a few random plowers were the only ones in McD's. and lol-i'm slacking.

Anyone can make this slideshow- it took me like 4 minutes- SSOoooo EASY!! I heart smilebox.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

The pics are great. I also lick the mixer and bowl....LOL!


mamabear said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Shaye!
Wow, six years old - such a big girl now!
Loved the slide show.
Me-I don't go so much for licking the beaters. It's that whole raw egg thing that gets me, but my kids happily like to lick them.
Looks like everyone had a good time, despite the snow storm.
Sheesh! Can you send some snow this way already - I mean, dang, it's 70 degrees here today!

CMB said...

Happy 6th Birthday! I hope you enjoyed the day.

Jules said...

That was really cool! Thanks for sharing it - I may have to jump over there myself and create something fun. ;)

Midas said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. Her name is beautiful!

Thanks for visiting me at Just Say These Words.

Bunny B said...

Happy 6th birthday to Shaye!

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