Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Spring(finally!) and I have some proof:

    Bright sunshine

    bubbles(I am LOVING the new "pop-up" bubbles the Easter Bunny bought at Price Chopper for $1.99- they are worth every penny!)


    Everyone is talking about the Red Sox, all of the time, everywhere and anywhere.

    We stayed outside today longer then the exact amount of seconds it takes to dash from the minivan to the house!


    Monkey Giggles said...

    We are still waiting.

    More snow tonight and tomorrow.

    tommie said...

    who doesn't love bubbles!

    elexisb said...

    I stuck the girls out back for a while today, but it's still too cold for me!

    We got pop-up bubbles too.

    ~Your friend the genious/humanitarian.

    Two Princess Girls said...

    Ok we must have the same taste in clothing. My Little Princess has that same jacket! She looks like she's having SO much fun blowing bubbles. Gosh, how I love spring!

    Rocker_MoM said...

    we still have snow, and maybe getting more thursday..


    Jules said...

    Yep - more snow here this week too.

    But I am anxiously awaiting "bubble season"!

    Pop-up bubbles? Totally cool. :)

    Wendy said...

    Yesterday, it only got to 54 degrees. Today? It'll be 72. Yep, it's spring.

    Love the cool shades...she's SO stylin'! :grin:

    gina said...

    Some of you have true Sring weather- our "warm" is just under
    mid 40's...but we'll take it!!

    Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

    Those bubbles look so neat! My daughter would love them!

    elexisb said...

    Maybe you could make a new post instead of changing your blog's look again!!!

    CMB said...

    Can you believe the Yanks game was postponed? What kind of opening day is that?

    gina said...

    My hubby says(cuz I read your comment out loud) a GREAT opening day. ;) GO SOX!

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