Thursday, October 23, 2008

My One Day to Give

I try to live my life to the fullest. To treat others as I would like to be treated. To give of my time and my resources whenever possible. Every once in awhile, I read or hear of something that inspires me to do more, give more, be more. The other day, I read this challenge:

and was instantly inspired to find another way to give. Unfortunately, my One Day to Give found me two days ago. I was told of a fire that ravished a two-family house in town on Sunday night- leaving two families with children homeless, without anything left. One of the families has four girls - three of whom wear the same sizes as my youngest three and their littlest wears the same size as my niece, Skylar. So I spent Monday afternoon going through our closets and drawers, finding a good mix of school clothes, pajamas, and outerwear to share with those children, picking up a bag of clothes and wipes for the baby (thanks Allison!), and shopping for undies, tights, kids' shampoo and ponyholders. I also filled backpacks (you might have noticed in pictures that we had quite a lot of backpacks) with school supplies and books to read. After dropping it all off, I was overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and inadequacy. Anything I could give felt like nothing in comparison to what these people will need now. I can only hope that others will give what they can and every little bit will bring the family that much closer to being okay. I also hugged my children extra tight that night and gave thanks that, at least for today,

we are okay.


mamabear said...

That was so generous of you. Really.
Remember: every little bit helps.
I know that God speaks to all of us to help others out in times of need, or trouble, and uses those opportunities to bless both the giver and receiver.
Others will give what they can to this family in need, and others still.
Be at peace with what you did, and know that it was what you felt led to do.


ArtMind said...

Gina, I believe that even if it feels like you gave a little, it will mean so much to that family.
With every bit you gave, you gave that little ray of sunshine that they will need to build up their life again... *Big hug*

Two Princess Girls said...

I left you an award. Go to my blog to pick it up. I think you're prett awesome.

gina said...

Thanks ladies for your kind words. I think you are all awesome too.

elexisb said...

Oh, so so so sad. I can't imagine what those poor sweeties are going through. Bless you for your help and bless them doubly.

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