Friday, November 7, 2008

The excitement of

talking to Grandpa & Nana.

The girls get so animated when they talk to their grandparents (who live in Florida) that I often wish I had a snapshot of it. Well, the other day I managed to take these pictures while Shaye chatted away. Her facial expressions say it all. So yes, Grandpa and Nana, they really are as excited as they sound.


ArtMind said...

Supercute! She looks so happy too! :)

Chelle said...


I love that you captured this :)

elexisb said...

That's awesome. I'd never think to get a picture of that.

Jules said...

You really do take great shots with your camera! You always seem to capture them smiling and so candid.

Very nice!! I like the Christmas card one too. :)

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