Saturday, January 17, 2009

The letter of the day is yummy!

Inspired by the girls wanting to bake these chocolate chip cookies yesterday...

I declared "C"- the letter of the day on Thursday afternoon.

In the course of a busy day, it sometimes gets tricky to make sure I am offering challenging opportunities to both girls- being that they are a little over 2 years in age apart and also that Shaye is reading/building vocabulary at about a fifth/sixth grade level and Mackenna is still learning her letters. So I was hoping to bend this whole letter of the day idea to fit both girls' needs.

It was pretty easy with Mackenna- all of your standard letter of the day activities- culminating with baking, then eating, the chocolate chip cookies on Friday.

With Shaye I tried, "Write a list of all of the words you can think of that start with C" (nothing too inspiring) and then, "Write a few sentences about something that starts with C." Her paper, typed here exactly how she wrote it, cracked me up:

Letter of the day is C.

Tomorrow Mommy, I and Mackenna are going to make Mommy's secret recipe to make Chocolate Chip Cookies. MMM. Cookies are MMM. I like Cookies. I also like cats. Cats can't eat cookies. Cookies can't eat cats.


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