Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pardon my (daughter's) French

My oldest daughter has half days of school this week while she takes her midterm exams. This afternoon, she was at the table studying for tomorrow's French and Algebra II exams, when Shaye sidled up to her carrying two whiteboards and wearing her sweetest grin. "Gianna, will you teach me French?" she asked and gave an excited "Bonjour!" when Gianna said, "Sure, you can help me study."

They quickly ran through numbers, colors- all of the basics- and then it was on to what Gianna needed to study for French II:

After a while, Shaye put in a special request... how do you say "I love books." in French?

Gianna, tired of all my picture snapping said,
"Mom, take a picture of this one to put on your blog..."

Wait for it...

Ahhh... 14 year olds.


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