Saturday, January 31, 2009

We've been busy this week

baking + drawing + singing + dancing + reading + meeting other local homeschooling girls + playing rummy 500 + writing letters + crafting "small bowls of fruit" out of play-doh + painting + making a 550 pc. puzzle + blogging + talking to our grandparents on the phone + doing math workbooks + watching movies + fighting crime on Poptropica + googling for info on right whale dolphins + boning up on "cool facts" about our country's Presidents and First Ladies + talking about eating a pig's tail + catching snowflakes on our tongues + making Valentine's + going to the library + taking pictures with our cameras + playing with our "wooden dolls" + folding laundry + playing Go Fish + eating Pirate's Booty + going to see Mall Cop + pretending we run a hotel for dogs + building sculptures out of cool mint creme Oreo cookies... among other things.


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