Thursday, January 15, 2009

You made my week...

WhiMSy love- who threw in some extra little goodies with my order.

Tiff- who is putting the gift I ordered for her to good use. **Glad you like it!**

(Order your own personalized coffee sleeve here.)

Little Bit Funky- Whose package of sweet paper cutouts provided hours of fun for the littles.

Elexis- For numerous reasons (Facebook tips, discounts, etc.) that add up to you being a great friend.

Jess- For another super cute blog design and for giving me more tech support than I deserve.

Edie- For the most delicious chocolate chip shortbread cookie recipe ever. And for offering me thoughts on religion in a serving size I can manage.

The Girlie Shop for creating these darling necklaces...

and sending them to Elexis's little girls for me.

Who made your week?


4under3 said...




p.s. I wanted to text you last night during our let you know I was chomping on Strawberry Crack. And then I finished the rest of it today.


tommie said...

Those necklaces are adorable! THey would make cute favors for a birthday party.

megan said...

WOW thanks!!! You just made my week! you are so sweet to post this. Thanks a million! so glad she loved them.

Jules said...

My daycare parents made my week when they told me today that they are going out of town tomorrow and so I have an unexpected day off! Yippee!!

Too bad it's too damn cold to go anywhere... ;)

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Aw, shucks!

elexisb said...

Oh, thanks! This is the first I'd seen this post. You're the best! (Have I said that lately? hahah!)

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