Thursday, March 26, 2009

Art to Wear

{another Brownie Try It activity}

You will need:

  • empty toilet paper tubes (cut to size)
  • water and flour (make a paste)
  • strips of scrap paper and tissue paper

Dip, wrap, repeat.

Shape wet bracelet.

Let dry.

Wear with pride.


Kelly said...

So cool!! Love it!!

Toni said...

very cool and very unigue, and easy enough I can do htis with the kids too:-)

gina said...

Super easy (a little messy). Shaye did everything herself. She's seven. Everything is still pretty wet and it's been almost 24 hours.

ArtMind said...

Super! I love the creative stuff you do with your kids! This is fab! :)

tommie said...

how fun!

when I was younger, I wrapped those toilet paper rolls in aluminum foil to make bracelets like Wonder Womans! LOL

Flip Girl said...

Very fun and stylish! Great job!
-Flip Girl

scrappysue said...


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