Monday, March 9, 2009

A, B, See... F



Farm Fresh Jessica said...

What a great shot.

Like your new comment there above this comment box. Great theme for the year.

You have a fourteen year old?! How is that possible? aren't we the same age? I'm sure you can't believe it either.

gina said...

I'm 35 and a half. She's 14 and 1/2. And hopefully, when it comes to going to college, traveling the world, etc. before having kids- my girls will do as I say not as I did. But you're right, I am too young to be this old!! ;)

Jamie said...

Love it. :)

Tracy said...

Lovely shot!

Ella said...

Wow! Stunning! I'm also 35 1/2 and have a 14 1/2 son.:-)

I love the name of your blog btw. If I had girls, they would certainly also be unpink!

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