Wednesday, June 24, 2009

before and after:
kitchen and dining room

BEFORE (the MLS listing photos):

I included all four of their photos because they give you a better sense of the layout then mine do. I had no patience for trying to fit the whole space in my pics- just the good parts: the paint and my new dining set!


  1. Convince my husband to let me tear off the awful trim on top of the cabinets. Or, wait until he forgets I brought it up and then just do it while he's at work. I'm convinced he'd never even notice...
  2. Get stainless steel appliances- which I only want so I can
  3. PAINT those cabinets! I'm thinking a deep charcoal on the bottom ones and something lighter on top... maybe opening the top ones up by removing or installing glass fronts in the doors.
  4. Changing out that ceiling fan! The one directly over our table!?!!


    Jules said...

    I love it! Man, I wish I had an eye for decorating and design like that. My house is just a slopped together bunch of stuff with no thought or plan.

    Wanna come and re-do it for me? ;)

    Carrie said...

    Wow, I love the change!

    Any change you'd want to make over my dorm? lol. :)

    purejoy said...

    good call on the decorative trim on the cabinets. has. to. go.
    love the colors. i would like a nice rich classy table like that. sadly i have the big, was on sale, clunky oak table that seats 12 with the big archy too-wide chairs.
    all that is missing is a family of geese as a centerpiece.

    gina said...

    Purejoy- That's what i had before I moved (except the table was rectangle)I distressed the table- (bang it up with a heavy piece of chain -few dollars at a hardware store), gouge it and if you want restain it a little darker(I didn't), then paint out the chairs. We did Black or if you want- a bright, trendy color like spring green. people notice the finishes and it distracts from the style. :)

    That said I am loving this new set- it has starge in the base and it's pub height which the girls find fun. My only wish was that the chairs had come in just wood, but we scotchguarded...

    tommie said...

    Your kitchen is laid out EXACTLY like mine! I can't wait to see how your cabinets look when you paint them. If we weren't moving next summer, I would paint mine!

    Where did you find your table?

    Oliveaux said...

    Progress is always fabulous - great change! Your cabinets are going to look fantastic painted. Ax

    Andry said...

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