Thursday, September 3, 2009

soccer starts this week.

I never thought I'd be saying that.  Soccer is not my thing.  I would say I don't like it, but that feeling comes from knowing nothing at all about the sport.  And not having any interest to learn.  I was lucky enough to not have any girls who wanted to play.  Until now.  Shaye and Mackie are both signed up in a Fall youth league.  They've been kicking the ball around in the back yard and are both excited to start practicing with their teams.  I'm not so excited, but I'm open to trying anything at least once.  So I'll be on the sidelines this Fall, cheering on these two rugrats...

I must admit, the little shin pads and cleats are the cutest things EVER.


And I have a feeling...

 they'll be sleeping good at night, at least.


elexisb said...

not a soccor fan either - and ayla will be playing this fall too. but, i'm always glad when the kids are outside playing and not inside asking (and getting denied!) to watch tv or eat more snacks :)

Oliveaux said...

It seems to be the sport they play and like you I have never been a fan the shin pads are very cute! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Ax

purejoy said...

as a mom who weathered about 13 years of soccer (and that was just one kid) i can say the sport definitely grew on me. i'm a big fan now. and keeping your girls engaged in a sport for as long as you can is such a good thing for them. girls especially.
and you will not find a better conditioned athlete than a soccer player. if they can play soccer, they can almost do anything!!
my daughter played for about 7 years too, but gave it up to cheer. then she moved on to diving. (weird, but it was fun and she was good at it!)
and the sleeping part??
absolutely the best part!
ps. never got to experience the pink sox. that is freaking adorable. great photos.

designHER Momma said...

oh I actually LOVE soccer - grew up playing it all the way through college. Even if you don't like it, it's great exercise and the girls will sleep so good at night!

Ashley said...

I thought it wasn't too bad and the Monster has signed up again this fall season. Hopefully it will grow on me some more. I do have to admit it is awfully cute watching tiny soccer players go berserk and run the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

I signed up Justin to play for the first time this year. Practice started already this week, on Tuesday. He has never played, and I know absolutely nothing about soccer either, so it's a real learning experience for both of us. My neighbor jokingly referred to me the other day as the "soccer mom", and I just about kicked him in the shins. I felt like getting down on my hands and knees to pound on the ground repeating over and over again: "I am NOT a soccer mom!"


Why is it that "soccer mom's" have such a bad rap anyway?

gina said...

And I know you can't ell in the pic but those pink socks match the pink stripes on her Adidas cleats. TOO cute!

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