Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving morning 2009

gianna and brielle dressed with school spirit*...

shaye and mackenna celebrated their knowledge...

snacks for parade watching...

{no breakfast foods here!}

planning our attack for the next day...

this year's winner...

the dynamic duo of auntie and mackenna

with a solid 2nd place finish by shaye.

the day went on to include a delicious dinner-

thanks, John!!

and then pies, of course,


family and friends.

Ended the day with my favorite Thanksgiving tradition-

a viewing of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!!

*colors edited as a safety precaution, but you get the idea.

 Just curious, what did you do?

Any fun traditions we should add to our day??


purejoy said...

well, this year we bypassed our annual thanksgiving day football game because the old dudes (ie our husbands) were limping and nursing wounded arms. seriously, what a motley crew! the boys (and bama girl) would have destroyed them. it's tough when the kids get to be about 16-19 and can seriously kick your backside with one leg tied behind their back.
this year the wounded opted for frisbee golf. and i like it because even the not-entirely-lame can play.
on christmas, it's customary to shoot off model rockets before the football game. it's usually quite fun.
we also play the gift game after dinner which entails putting each attendees name in a basket three times. add an assortment of finds and/or dollar tree trinkets and disperse around the table before the game begins. usually there's not enough for everyone. and drop in a $5 to the mix. when your name is called from the basket, you ask the person, by name, for the gift they have. if the person has the gift, they must relinquish. if they don't , the askee looses his/her turn. it tests the skill of memory, and of shrewdness. it's all quite fun. and always funny to see what will strike the fancy of the group. the hot ticket this year was a tiny mag-lite flashlight, a vintage handkerchief and a book of tricks and illusions. oh, and the 5 bucks.

purejoy said...

ummmm yeah. sorry for the novel. sounds like you all had a fantastic holiday. hope you are feeling well!

gina said...

I'm feeling a bit better. The new meds seem to working - the flare ups are toned WAY down, I actually SPLEPT last night! And for the record, I love long comments- I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to really know!

purejoy said...

i was just thinking about you and was going to ask you about how you are doing. then remembered i already did. and you answered. how cool is that??
so glad to hear you're coming out of it. not a moment too soon. . . . must focus. december is here!!

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