Monday, February 15, 2010

The Magic Tree House: Midnight on the Moon

decorations and props for dramatic play

I created the props for dramatic play for this book, for the least amount of money than any of the other books I've done so far!

I went to Walmart and bought only a block of styrofoam (less than $6) and a 2 pack of flags (they didn't have any singles this time of year) were less than $3. I'll save the other one for my 4th of July decorating.  I "cratered" the styrofoam "moon" with my mini ice cream scoop from Pampered Chef and my fingers.  The rest of the items I photocopied from the book and enlarged.  Since we are using these for personal use and not selling them,  I am assuming it's not a copyright issue.  After laminating the items for durabilty, you can use simple Velcro tape to fasten the OPEN button to a wall or bookcase. 

For a decorations, I'm thinking a bulletin board covered with black construction paper and some white out "stars", with these cutouts...

and then cutting a picture of each child's face and pasting it to these smaller versions....


and then cutting the astronauts out and hanging them around the bigger figures. 
I also made some copies of astronauts to cut out and hang from white yarn from the ceiling and I'm hoping to paint some styrofoam balls to look like planets to also hang from the ceiling.   And make stars somehow- realistic stars not the five point kind. Any ideas for that?

I am also going to look for a simple moon helmet craft to make a couple of helmets for the kids to wear.

You will need to supply a dry erase marker so the kids can connect the "stars" on the "star map" to learn the the last clue.  You will also need to have the toy mouse, the "mammoth bone"(aka $ store flute spray painted bone white) flute, the "moon"stone, and a mango (props from earlier books) on hand for them to perform the ceremony that undoes the spell and sets Morgan free.

To put a birthday party twist on this, the invites could read "It's Midnight on the Moon and we're celebrating __________'s birthday"  or "Join us for a party that's out of this world". 

Any ideas or links that you want to add?


carma said...

very clever. I'm more "artsy" as opposed to crafty, so I'm afraid I don't have much useful to add :D

purejoy said...

what a neat idea. you are so clever!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

So are very crafty!

Josey's mom said...

super cute idea!

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