Sunday, April 4, 2010

EASTER EGG HUNT 2010 {by the numbers}

7:19  - am, the time i woke up

7:27 - am, the time i woke Mackenna up

7:35 - am, the time all of the other girls were finally out of bed

and ready to start the hunt.

144 - number of white eggs we bought this year to color

103 - number of eggs that remained unbroken

and ready to hide after we got done coloring them

17 - number of minutes the hunt went on

 before all of the girls quit

4  1 - number of eggs still missing

2  1 inside (of course.)

2 outside

-edited Weds. 4/7-

3- amount of times i reminded my husband

that  he really needs to get to powerwashing the fences

0- number of pictures i took this year

gianna was in charge of the camera,

and i was really happy with the shots she got!

Hope your hunts were happy!!


5orangepotatoes said...

Great pics gianna! Great hunt, cute girls and pretty eggs!

Adoption of Jane said...

Happy Easter! Really Cute post! Hope you find the eggs inside before the smell leads you to them!

gina said...

lol- that's what I'm hoping too. although, at least i know i will find them eventually, unfortunately. ;)

Cap Creations said...

Geezzz that's a ton of eggs! Hope you all have a great Easter. Look like you have so far. And Gianna is doing a fantastic job with the photos.

Vodka Logic said...

Great pictures and hiding places.

Happy Easter

Tammy said...

Wow, that was a lot of eggs to color and find! Looks like you had a wonderful day, with lots of great pictures to remember it by!

Iva said...

what cuties!! :)

Jules said...

Happy Belated Easter! We also still have one missing egg - in the house somewhere. :)

I figure it will turn up eventually, our house isn't that big. Hopefully it will be before it starts to smell! :)

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