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name·sake (nām'sāk') n. One that is named after another.

[From the phrase for the name's sake.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth EditionCopyright © 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

I love all of my daughters' first names. But it's their middle names that hold special meaning to me. They all have the same middle name as a family member.

  • Gianna Marie - me, Gina Marie
  • Brielle Elizabeth - my mom, Mia Elizabeth*
  • Shaye Lyn - my sister, Tessa Lynn
  • Mackenna Anne - my MIL, Patricia Ann

*Elizabeth is also my Confirmation name.

And though I never got the opportunity to use a boy name, I always loved the idea of having a junior. A few years back however, John and I were having some fun imagining what life would be like if we added twin boys to the mix. (Twins for a little leverage.) We even named "them"...

John Robert and Gary Michael

  • John - John and his dad, John Sr.
  • Robert - John's maternal grandfather
  • Gary - my dad
  • Michael - our only nephew to date

and though we may never have the opportunity to give these names to actual children, we carry the thought in our hearts.

What's the story of your child(ren)'s name(s) ?


Veronica Boulden said...

For the girls, we wanted something feminine and short and pretty when said or written on paper. We got the ideas and spellings from current singers, Norah (Jones) and Avril (Lavigne), but our girls aren't officially named after them. Marie is a beautiful middle name, if I may say so... That is Avril's middle name, you know. :)

Anonymous said...

Your girls' names are so pretty! Avery Ruth Phoenix = Avery is the only name we could agree on - we think it's different but not weird; Ruth is MIL's middle name and hubby's middle name pick; Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and transformation and I have gone through a lot in life so my daughter represents another transformation for me so that was my middle name pick.

Brandie said...

Great Blog! Thanks for stopping to say Hi!


Tammy said...

My little one's name is Shelby Grace. I have always liked the movie "Steel Magnolias" and in the movie Julia Roberts played "Shelby" and that's where I heard the name and decided that if I had a little girl, that would be her name. Grace is another name I've always liked and knew I wanted to use if we had a little girl. A funny thing is that in the movie "Shelby" says, "pink is my signature color", little did I know how true that would be of my little one:)

tommie said...

we basically did a draw of the straws...Husband got to name first born, I got to name second born..

tommie said...

I wanted more than two, but with deployments and such,,, just didn't work out

Holly said...

I don't use my kids' real names in blogland, so this will be kind of vague. I had 4 miscarriages before my firstborn; his name comes from a Bible story that had meaning to me. My middle child's middle name means "God is willing" because we weren't sure if we'd ever be able to have more than one. And my daughter's middle name was my mom's first name (she passed away when I was 16).

Ann(ie) said...

great post!! My lil boy Ben is named after a close friend that passed away after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. His middle name is the same as his dad's, grandfathers and great grandfathers. My munchkin to be will be Noah Louis....Noah we just like, Louis is after my grandfather. Makes me smile when I think of both names!

gina said...

What lovely stories! Naming a baby is such a privilege. :)

ps. Shaye's best friend's name is Norah. We all love Avril's songs and I LOVEEEEE Steel Magnolias.

Amber said...

My oldest is Jacob Ryan (his initials had to be J.R. b/c his dad, uncle, grandma, and grandpa all have the initials J.R.);

Colton Michael (Michael is a family name on both sides of the tree);

Cameron Alyssa Page(she goes by Alyssa. Page is my first name, but I go by my first middle name, which is why she does too!);

Aniston Faith Renee (Aniston is from Jennifer Aniston {I'm a FRIENDS junkie}, Faith is b/c I had a lot of it while I was pregnant with her. The doctors told me not to have any more babies, but God and I didn't listen. ;-), and Renee is my husband's sister's name.)

Thanks for letting me share!

Amber said...

Oh, I meant to tell you that my mom's name is Lynn, my mom's best friend's name is Shay and Shay named her daughter Shay-Lynn. I think it's beautiful. ;-)

Jules said...

I love baby names! And hearing the stories of how they came to be.

Samantha Jo - this one was simply because it made me think of a little girl in pigtails, hopping around our campfire and digging in the dirt. (we used to do a lot of camping) It "felt" right, if you know what I mean. When I was a kid, I always wished I had a name that could be shortened to a boy's name. Jo was one of my favorites during that time.

Jeremy Michael - While I was pregnant, there was a show on Fox that had a boy named Jeremy as a main character. I can't remember the name of the show, but every time they said his name, I liked it more and more. Michael is just because it sounded good.

Joshua James - Joshua is just a name we liked, James is Derick's and my FIL's middle name.

Anna Rose - I wanted to name her Natalee Joy, but Derick had his heart set on the old-fashioned names of Anna or Elizabeth. The nurse on duty one of the many times I had false labor mentioned that she had liked Anna Rose but her husband didn't. I heard it and liked it right away.

There - nothing too special, but each one has a story. :)

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