Tuesday, September 15, 2009

little changes and additions around the house

While I haven't gotten around to any of the creative and larger projects floating around in my head, John and I have managed to tweak and add a few things to the house since we moved in.  First off, our upstairs' bathroom sink was leaking.  Yeah!  Yeah?!  Yes, yeah!, because it allowed me to convince John that rather than fix the leak, we should just go ahead and change out the faucet!  Ta~da...

{brushing teeth was never such fun!}

And John had to get this up in  mantown in time for the start of football season...



We also got around to putting the guest (AKA the bed and some of the bedding!) into our guest/computer room...


This picture should actually be a  "before" though,
because I have a cool idea for the headboard!

And last, but not least, go check out what I did to our front door!


purejoy said...

love the guest room bed. . . a headboard will be such a nice touch!!
your story about a leak made me shudder. we've had a leak and only the BLACK MOLD told us there was something more sinister afoot.
it was the highlight of my not me monday post.


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