Friday, July 18, 2008

Where have all the princesses gone?

I'm pretty sure my daughter is going to be the only six year old girl at her school with a shark backpack and killer whale keychain. Probably the only one who googles images of "dead sharks on shore" too.


pjmomof3boys said...

I love it! I think the cutest little girls are the ones who aren't wearing pink but who are instead digging in a mud puddle with rain boots looking for worms.

Melissa~ said...

Hey, is your little girl wearing a *pink* headband in the cupcake picture!? heh-heh I knew there had to be some pink in you somewhere!

And don't try to photoshop it out either - it's too late! Ha!

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints

gina said...

LOL. pink and lime green were her favorite colors for a while- now it's yellow. My littlest is currently loving pink. When I pick out the stuff though (which is less and less) there's no pink. ;)

Ribbon Rock Star said...

My Meghan had a SPIDERMAN backpack when she was in Kindergarten.

She has never been a princess lovin' girly girl.


Stephanie said...

I have a feeling you'll be thankful for the shark backpack when all the other girls at school are wearing belly shirts! Yay Sharks! :)

Wendy said...

Good for her! I was fascinated with sharks when I was in grade school. Did an A+ report on Great Whites even.

Of course, the fact that I saw Jaws 47 times on cable probably had something to do with it. ;)

Wendy said...
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gina said...

lol- good point Stephanie. :)

Oh yeah, Jaws was a great movie to watch as a kid when my family vaca'd at the Cape every summer. Can you say Heart attack?!??

CC said...

Your little girl rocks! I love what she googles!!

I just told my daughter that the only water bottles I would buy her were Hello Kitty or a camo one. Barbie, princess, High School Musical, etc. were all totally out of the question!

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