Friday, April 24, 2009

8 things

Consider it pure JOY, whose tagline (striving to maintain the right perspective in all situations) I just love, tagged me yesterday to list my...

8 things I'm looking forward to:

  1. May 29th
  2. painting
  3. decorating
  4. moving
  5. cookouts
  6. swimming
  7. just lounging in the backyard
  8. going for walks in our new neighborhood

8 things I did yesterday:

  1. posted the things I was looking at at 8:30 am
  2. read to the girls
  3. searched etsy for new goodies
  4. read blogs
  5. got these in the mail! (Nikki, your WhiMSical goodies ROCK!)
  6. cooked sausage... to go with the leftover raviolis, for lunch
  7. played got spanked trying to play MarioKart against Mackenna (Yes, she's four.)
  8. went to bed before 8 pm

8 things I wish I could do:

  1. win the lottery (could, would- same difference)
  2. sew
  3. speak Italian fluently
  4. have the funds (see #1) to just pack up the car and drive around the country with the girls for the summer

I can't really think of 8... usually if I want to do something, I do it. Although, for some reason I never got around to learning to sew, even though with each girl I had, I wished I did. And Italian... I can understand it, to a point, and it is on my list to do eventually- I just haven't yet.

8 shows I watch*:

*I don't watch 8, just...

  1. Man v Food (with John)
  2. House (couldn't give this one up)

and then with the older girls, John and I watch The Big Bang Theory. If you don't watch this show, you should. It's hilarious. So well written and the actors are genius. I'd love to watch a taping of this show- the bloopers and outtakes have got to be pure gold.

What are your 8 things?


Kelly said...

Great list!!! My 8 are here...

ArtMind said...

Haha, I couldn't think of 8 shows I watch - I hardly watch television! :)
And you get spanked by your 4 year old? LOL :)
Can't wait to see more of your new home so actually can't wait till 29th of may either! :) Happy weekend sweet Gina! :)

Susan said...

I couldn't help but notice that numbers 2-8 of 8 things you are looking forward to are a subset of 1. Isn't it funny how a month can fly by but when you are waiting it takes oh so long. That is why pregnancy is so hard. Escrow is really a close second, though. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of 2 and 3. Bed before 8! Wow.

Kat said...

I agree with Susan...bed before 8? You must have been up at 4 dreaming of decorating again. :)

gina said...

I was up at 7- actually pretty late for us, but allergy season is creeping in and mix that up with all of the thinking/planning I'm doing... mental exhaustion. But in a good way. :)

purejoy said...

oh, great 8 things!
and i loved your circles. and i am really thankful that you took the time to hang out in 8s. it was fun for me too, and i'm pretty excited about your new house and painting and decorating and all that fun stuff. enjoy the process (because it is my opinion that moving s*cks)
have a great weekend!!

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